Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quail eggs and other goodies!

Check out a few of the fun things I got at the monster Asian grocery store on Saturday...well these are some of the EXTRA things that made their way into my basket. :-)
How could I pass up these little dappled quail eggs??

I need an idea for something to do with them if any of you could help out with suggestions. I'd wanted to blow them out so I could save the shells, but I don't really have to have 10 of them. I could make the world's tiniest omelette, or how funny would it be to just make itsy bitsy fried eggs? Anyway...if you DO have any good idears just leave a comment!

I also found spring roll wrappers with black sesame seeds embedded in them. Didn't think The Monster would be too jazzed about the ones with wee dried shrimp in them, but the sesame seemed tame enough. I think what I am most excited about are the black rice noodles with no dyes, etc. Also, some buckwheat noods from the same company. I still have 3 more stalks of lemongrass, so I'm going to try to make a noodle soup tonight with either these noodles, or the brown rice spaghetti style noodles I'd bought earlier in the week from Central Market.
Can you see a wee poached egg atop each bowl? ;-)

There were all sorts of sweeties of course. The only one (in the photo!) that I caved to was a jar of dried banana curls with sesame seeds and sugar on them. I ate a few, then sent the rest to work with Monster this morning. I have no idea what the heck the other goodie that didn't make it to the photo was called. Grabbed from the fresh bakery items at the front of the store, they (I got 3) were still-warm sesame coated (fried?) dough balls, that had a sweetened root paste (cassava??) in the middle. They were sooooo good and obviously didn't make it home. :-)

The produce was really great both in quality and in price. I couldn't resist this beautiful jicama with it's long rat tail of a root still intact...they all still had their roots.
I bought a bag of 8 huge limes for a buck, and 2 good-sized bunches of crisp watercress for 68 cents a piece. The lemongrass...4 humongo stalks of it, was only 60 cents for the bunch. Almost balances out the cost of gas to get there!

Next trip I might have to brave the seafood department where they had tank after tank of live fish for sale. Even my favorite cheap and tasty tilapia. 3.99 per lb. Wonder how many pounds a typical whole tilapia is...

All this discovered due to an urge to make my own bubble tea. So check out your local Asian market and see what you come home with!

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