Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I finished this project over two weeks ago and it still makes me all wiggly every time I open a kitchen cupboard. Finally! All those wretched little bulk spice bags...gone! That and anything else I buy in bulk that's cupboard worthy (all those stinkin' bags full of different flours are still hiding shamefully at the back of our fridge). I spent 2+ days tossing old stuff, buying fresh stuff, procuring the necessary bottles and jars, filling said bottles and jars, and labeling. I tell you, all those little spice bottles are a sight to behold. The rest of our house may look like heck, but hey those cupboards are organized!

I didn't alphabetize the spices since there were over 50 of them...just tried to place them with spices they'd likely be used with, putting the ones I use often towards the front.
I can't tell you how nice it's been to be able to locate things quickly when cooking, rather than the usual shuffle through a pile of wee bags (most that would eventually develop small cuts and leak all over the place!). I love buying spices in the bulk section. You save a ton of money and don't end up with more than you can use before it expires.

The bottom shelf has always housed vinegars, some dry/wet condiments, hot sauces, etc., but no matter how often I put them in order, they'd squirrel their way out of that order all too quickly. Ok, lazy Susan? A concept it only took me a lifetime to wrap my brain around.

In another cupboard I've got all my baking requirements on the SAME shelf. What a concept! ;-)
Whole grains and legumes live above the baking shelf. Again, no more plastic bulk baggies piled one on top of the other.
On the top shelf lives cake decorating stuff and a few more lesser used items.
Cans live on the bottom shelf.

Lastly, we've got a long pantry with pull-out shelves by the fridge...All. Baggies. Gone!! :-)

I didn't write up this post to inspire you, nor did I compose it to gloat. I'm pretty sure I just wanted to be able to look at these cupboard innards even when I'm not in the kitchen opening a door. I can see all my lovely organized goodies from anywhere in the house. Thank you ITouch! ;-)


Miranda Rommel said...

Very nice. I try and stay organized as well - but have MUCH less space in which to do so. Luckily i do less baking - and store most of my herbs in the ground outside. :)

Elizabeth Cook said...

What an incredible organized genius you are! I love this! You may not have written it to inspire me, but you sure have inspired me......what great ideas you have. I just keep scrolling up and back down, looking at your act of creation!! I especially like the spices :)

Erndog said...

Thanks really has been lovely to see what all is in those cupboards! I've been known to buy then promptly forget slightly obscure foods. No more! It's all there in front of my eyes now. Got an herb garden for lovely fresh stuff too (surely not as extensive as yours though). :-)

Thanks Elizabeth! Those spice jars are my fave too!! :-)

Mia Leigh said...

Ooh, lovely. *Almost* inspires to do the same.

Amara said...

So nice!!! We reorganized our cupboards recently, too, it felt so good. But don't know what to do with the flour/sugar/big bags o'stuff! Where did you buy jars or containers for the biggies?


Erndog said...

Kudos on your inner cupboard remodel Amara! :-)
If I was rolling in dough, I'd have bought a bunch of the Oxo vacuum seal top containers. As it is, I just have 2 of the large ones (those are 20 bucks a pop), and I've used nice big Rubbermaid plasticware for the other stuff. The Rubbermaid is translucent with a white top, so you can see what's in there. Just save up your Bed Bath and Beyond coupons and they'll have everything you need (you can use 5 coupons at once even if they've expired!).