Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quick Injera (Teff Flour Crepes)

Ok, I'm not kidding myself. These aren't really that close to real injera other than they use teff flour. BUT, I can make them at home with no big...leave it on the counter for 3 days to ferment, then be disappointed when all you get at the end is a big non-sour mess (for the most part in my case). And like the name implies it's quick. I found the recipe online at What I'm Eating Now, but it comes from The Healthy Hedonist Holidays, by Myra Kornfeld. I made them as written, so just follow the link. You probably won't be able to scoop up your grub with these as they are pretty fragile, but they made a great edible "plate".
I really, really love teff flour. It's so tasty and for most people, incredibly nutritious. I try to limit my intake of teff due to it's amazing iron content. Ugh. Curious about the fates of any poor Ethiopians with hemachromatosis I just had to Google it.
Whew! Good thing, seeing as teff is a cornerstone of their diet.

So with that, and barring any other cases of hemachromatosis out there...try them! Easy, tasty, and of great nutritional value.

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