Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Roasted Beets in Vinaigrette

I never would have thought to post about roasted beets until a conversation with Joelle at lunch the other day.
We split a salad with roasted beets that she'd been craving...said beets being a newfound favorite of hers. Says I, "You know, they're really easy to make." Says she, "You mean they don't have to come out of a jar?" 'Nuff said...here's my easy- peasy recipe for roasted beets.

Roasted Beets in Vinaigrette:

However many beets ya gots (preferably with nice green tops)

Set oven to 350.
Trim tops about 1" from beets...saving greens for another use.
Wash then dry beets.
Lightly oil each beet then sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Wrap each beet individually in foil, place on a baking sheet and roast for ~1 hour or until softened somewhat.
Turn off the heat at this point and just leave them in the oven to cool. I usually forget about them...so setting a timer for a couple hours could be in order! :-)
When cool enough to handle, unwrap and peel the skin off.
Slice beets in ~1/4" rounds and add to dressing.


canola oil
cider vinegar
whole grain mustard
salt and pepper
a smidge of agave nectar

Mix all ingredients together in whatever amounts make your mouth happy.
Marinate for a couple hours, or longer then eat. Either add to a salad, or eat alone as a great snack.


Mia Leigh said...

I finally made these beets. At first, I just cooked the beets and thought they were good, but maybe not worth the time it took to make them, as I've discovered when I've previously cooked beets. However, I finally got around to making the dressing and now the beets are supremely delicious! I was very proud of myself that I actually made a dressing that didn't give amounts AND I modified it by using white wine vinegar and spicy brown mustard. Sooo good. I'm curious to see what my kids think of them.

Erndog said...

So glad you liked 'em Leigh! It is really all about the dressing, isn't it. :-)