Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pulled Pork Sammies!

I made these for book club last Friday and they were ok that night. But! The next night I jazzed 'em up with more vinegar and alder smoked salt (from Whole Foods bulk section), making them infinitely better. I think the initial problem might have been that I used a roast that was over 4 lbs., when the recipe had called for a 3 pounder. Less sauce to be had for more meat. I didn't cook this on the stove top as the original directions called for. I marinated the meat in the sauce overnight, then put everything in my crock pot, using less water than called for, and cooked for ~8-9 hours on low. I just added enough water to take the liquid level up to the rim of my pot. Next time I might add more than one pickled jalapeno in, and maybe even a little more vinegar? Cider vinegar next time instead of white vinegar.
When you boil the sauce down on the stove top, skim as much of the fat off as possible before mixing the shredded meat back in.
And with that, I'm going to link to the original recipe from Simply Recipes and you can tweak it however you'd like.
I served the sammies on hamburger buns with coleslaw (something like that recipe anyway!) and sweet-hot pickles. The pickles made the sandwich! I made up a pile of collards with black-eyed peas to go with when the Monster and I ate these on Sat.

Thanks for smiling Cheryl!! Every other picture I took of people on Friday featured a frowny-plllleeeease-don't-take-my-picture grimace. ;-)

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