Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sad Kitty

Our wee Chickpea just devoured our economic incentive check from Duh-bya.
She's all curled up next to me in her doughnut recovering from being run over by a truck...she thinks. In actuality, she just had all the things in the above photo (aside from the pill bottle cap!) removed from various parts of her furry round body. 4 large bladder stones (other 3 are on their way to a lab for analysis), a canine tooph, and last but not least a pellet, lodged in her arm in a former life. Poor girl's been through the ringer, but we're so glad to have her home and on the road to wellness. If only Auntie J's acupuncture wunderkind were in Texas. The Loaf would probably be doing backflips already. ;-)
I made a great chicken soup the first night she had to spend in the hospital, but was in no mood to write it up, take a photo, or otherwise. Too bad, it was yummy.

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