Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fresh Fig and Tomme Quesadillas with Honey-Balsamic Reduction

You don't really need much of a recipe for this one. We didn't have any plans for dinner when we hit Central Market this afternoon, but we happened upon some nice ripe mission figs on sale. I decided then and there to make some quesadillas with them, so we bagged some up and headed off to the cheese department. After tasting several, we went with a sheep and goat blend Tomme. We used the multigrain CM tortillas and topped our quesadillas with a quick honey-balsamic reduction. A simple salad of arugula, spinach and toasted sliced almonds finished everything off.
Oh I must mention that I got curious about goat's milk yogurt at the store, bought some and ended up eating it for dessert....WITH some leftover honey-balsamic sauce and the last of the toasted almonds. Divine!

Fresh Fig and Tomme Quesadillas with Honey-Balsamic Reduction: (serves 2)

4 fresh ripe mission figs, quartered
2- 9 inch tortillas
1/4 lb Tomme (or Etorki), grated
fresh ground black pepper
~1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
~1+ Tbs honey (an orange blossom honey would be nice)

Cook the balsamic vinegar and honey over medium heat in a small saucepan, until reduced by half. Cover and leave in saucepan until ready to drizzle. (Reheat slightly if too thick by the time you go to drizzle on quesadillas)

Lay down a quarter of the grated cheese on one half of the first tortilla.
Place half of the figs on cheese.
Top with another quarter of cheese and a grind of black pepper.
Fold the tortilla in half and repeat with the second tortilla.
Heat a large non-stick skillet over medium heat.
Place both tortillas in skillet and heat until cheese melts and tortilla browns lightly.
Flip and heat other side until done.
Remove to plates, cut each in thirds and drizzle with sauce.


Miranda R Mueller said...

Hello there! My husband, Andy met you while he was working at your home and got your blog - i enjoy your recipes and feel that we are kindred spirits. my blog is : i started it only recently, but will also be posting lots of recipes and things there.
I too look forward to a time without heat so that i can actually harvest some fruit from my veggies instead of watering green plants with shrivelled flowers.

Callipygia said...

Hi Erin-

Sorry for not responding to a question you left on my blog...I've neglected it for a few months and only just saw it! In regards to substituting sweetners for the lacto fermented ketchup. In this case, I believe the authors try to steer away from honey since it has an anti-bacterial effect, which one needs for the fermenting process. I can't really see why the agave wouldn't work 'cept maybe the low GI??? Anyways, I guess I'd try it out. Good luck with it, it is a fun recipe and nice to find a healthier alternative!

Beth said...

I made a version of these last night. Figs, goat cheese, and spinach on corn tortillas - all I had at the time... Flour would be a lot better next time. Tonight I made some appetizers using some leftover prosciutto (from the wrapped tilapia!): cut figs in half, stuff with goat cheese, wrap in prosciutto and serve. Delicious - got the recipe from the fig box no less.

Erndog said...

A true classic that recipe from your fig box, Beth. :-)
You did use fresh figs though, right?