Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Green Gold: Wannabe Doña Salsa

Green gold, crack sauce, call it what you will, I fell hard and fast for the Doña Salsa at our Taco Deli here in Austin from the first second it hit my tongue.

If it's too hot for you, you might want to consider moving back in with your mama. ;-)

This version will never keep us from making our weekly Saturday pilgrimage to the big TD, but it tides us over in the meantime. You can take out more seeds if it's gonna make you too painfully aware of how your innards are laid out...if you must. :-P

Oh and need I mention you'd be smart to wear gloves when dealing with the peppers? Specially if you wear contacts.

I'm submitting this to Ricki's Wellness Weekend Roundup on make sure you check out the link for this week's collection of healthy, vegan recipes!

Wannabe Doña Salsa:
(Friend Debbie paved the way in knocking off this delicious concoction after we pinned down the ingredients list!)
yields ~3 cups

2 lbs jalapeños
2 large heads of garlic; broken up into cloves, but paper on cloves left intact
~1 tsp kosher salt
1/4 cup + 1-2 Tbs olive oil
1/4 cup + 1-2 Tbs canola, or grapeseed oil

After you've washed and dried your peppers and separated the cloves of garlic, preheat your oven's broiler to High with the rack in the uppermost position.

Line a heavy duty baking sheet with foil and arrange the peppers on it.
I sprayed the peppers and garlic with a light mist of canola spray, just use what you've got to oil them lightly.
Roast the peppers whole, turning as necessary, until they are sufficiently charred to peel.

You can roast the garlic right along with the peppers...I ran out of room until some of the finished peppers came off the sheet pan, so I started them in a cast iron skillet on the stove top.

Put the peppers in a bowl covered with plastic wrap to steam for about 10-15 minutes once charred.
Remove the garlic from heat once they've softened somewhat, peel and put in blender.

Once the peppers have steamed, peel them and at this point you can seed them. Really, leave a couple of them don't want a weenie Doña now do you?

Add oil (you can always add less or more oil, just keep tasting it as you go) and salt and blend the heck out it.
Done. Now quick...go find something to slather in it!


Ricki said...

Well, I love anything with jalapenos, and this looks fabulous!! And a perfect thing to submit to the Wellness Weekend this week--please do link up! And glad you got a respite from the heat. ;)

Erndog said...

Will do, Ricki!

M-izz-eggie said...

I found you! Just met you at TacoDeli. Had your blog confused with another one that DID NOT have a correct recipe. I am soooo pumped to try this out!


Erndog said...

Yay Meggie!! Nice to meet you today, let me know if you make it and approve! :-)

Jon Roberts said...

I've made this once already, and am now making my second (larger) batch.

Have you successfully frozen or canned this stuff? I'd like to made a lot of it at once if possible, and store it for later.

Thanks for the recipe!

Erndog said...

Hey Jon, glad you liked the recipe! Our salsa has never lasted long enough to try canning, or freezing. We gobble it up too fast. I'd just go ahead and put a wee bit in the freezer and test it out. Not sure if thawing it would "break" the oil emulsion, but it's worth a shot! Lemme know how it goes if you get the chance.

Jody said...

I just discovered your blog and am in heaven! Dona sauce AND Casa de Luz's pepita sauce on one blog?? Thank you!

Erndog said...
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Erndog said...

Glad you found me, Jody! This is such an awesome salsa...your comment made me want to go right to my kitchen and make a batch. :) Or, maybe some Casa Sun Cheese! ~e

Angela A. said...

Hi there! I'm so excited that I found your recipe, was going to head to the store for the ingredients but it's already late. Well maybe if I hurry... ;). Quick question, can you use a food processor? I don't know if my blender has enough power.

Erndog said...

Hi Angela...I've only ever made it with a whizbang high-powered blender, so I don't know what to tell you inre using a food processor. My bet is that it wouldn't be as smooth in consistency using the processor. May be worth a try, but see if you can borrow a friend's blender first...that's what i did the first time I made it. :) Good luck!

kelsi said...

Hello! I'm not sure if you still check these comments but I've been trying to perfect my version for about a year :) I have always had an issue with my salsa turning to a solid/weird jelly like substance once it goes in the fridge. I was wondering if you have the same issue? The original dona does not do this! The only ingredients I use are jalapenos, canola, garlic, and salt.

Erndog said...

No Kelsi, I've never had any solidification of the sauce after it's gone into the fridge. How odd. I know that they use a 50/50 mix of olive oil and canola oil. Funny you should leave a comment out of the blue, when just yesterday, I was comtemplating making this again for the first time in ages! I thought I'd try boiling the jalapenos like Taco Deli does, instead of roasting. I'll probably use less garlic, but boil the cloves in their skins as well. I use this method when making mashed potatoes...just boil the garlic right along with the taters. :) We'll see! Sorry that I can't be of more help, but let me know if you figure out what's causing it. ~erin

Kelsi said...

Thanks, and how odd that you were thinking of making it just today! I have never tried boiling the garlic- I usually roast it, but I have been wanting to try boiling it as well! I think what happened was that after boiling my jalapenos, I didn't let them cool and I didn't let the steam escape. I think the way the steam water emulsified with the oil caused some kind of weird texture because it's never gotten as gelatinous as it did this week. I was also using a vitamix for the first time so it might have something to do with that?

I will have to try the half veg/half olive oil mix, and boiling the garlic! I'll post again if I find any improvements!

Also, I'm not sure if you like the Diablo sauce at Torchy's but I found a perfect recipe!

Erndog said...

So Kelsi, have you always boiled vs. roast? I've never boiled as TD does, but wanted to try it. I'll make sure I let as much of the steam evaporate from the jalapenos as possible thanks to your comment!
Believe it or not, I've only eaten at Torchy's once, but I'm sure I'd love that Diablo salsa recipe if you'd like to share! :) My email is
Thanks for your comments, and I'll let you know how my next incarnation turns out! ~Erin